Buyer requests not showing since six months


Hi, in January, someone placed low rating on my gig. and now 6 months passed, I am not able to make new earnings because buyer requests list is not showing and new requests are not appearing. What should I do now? I tried to contact him again but he refused to remove the rating everytime I requested.


Put some gigs…go to Fiverr Academy…


Try to convince buyer by giving him refund and make some gigs…


clean browser catch files,coockis file


Create a gig and you will see requests of that niche. Please be sure to accept those offers which you can do and make your buyers happy.


well, I’m new and buyer’s requests for my gig which is about translation, are few these days. I don’t know what happend.


he is not replying


its the end of third march on my side of continent, and so far no requests from today :confused:/
I have positive ratings as well