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Buyer Requests Not showing

Hi, I am back to fiverr after a long time. I was looking at Buyers Request section and there were no request. I have asked my friend and she is telling that there are many buyer requests.

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ahh just posted about this same issue, it shows me nothing in any of the categories as if noones posted a request but that’s completely impossible.

This very subject was discussed just today elsewhere on the forum. I learned some interesting things from this thread.

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Same here…Find solution…ASAP

If you read the information in the thread I posted you will find out what is going on.

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Other than what @vickiespencer talked about, I believe that for some specific categories, buyer requests are taken up really fast. For instance, from my little experience since I have been here, Photoshop requests tend to end really fast. Yesterday there were 2 offers and after 15 minutes they weren’t there, meaning that the buyer received an offer they wanted.

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Where exactly it is?

3 Messages up I posted a link. It is long, but filled with good information about Buyer Requests.

If you would read the Forum thread that I posted above you will find that Fiverr does this intentionally. Only 10 new sellers get to apply for each request. So you have to check often and be quick.

this doesn’t make any sense
I have this problem and haven’t seen any requests in months