Buyer Requests Not Showing?


Hi, since about a month now i have not seen anything much in my buyer requests.
when i sort through the categories such as music promotion and health, etc… nothing comes up.
I think it is close to impossible that noone has posted a request since, judging by the fact that there were requests being posted daily.

Any reason this is happening or is this a glitch?


I’m in the same problem. My gigs are about to crossing a month and still can’t any order. I’ve gone through category and sorting by online status where I’ve created my gigs - I didn’t find my gigs.

It will be more helpful if we know the rules for Fifverr’s recommended.


I found the issue. I contacted fiverr and explained this and they played it off like it was normal to see none because I “don’t get to them on time” type of deal. wrong. Never in my time on fiverr have I never had buyer requests like that. now I was randomly promoted back to level 1 seller again after being put down from level 2 to 0! for god knows what, I now have over 1k buyer requests. hmmm looks like if your a level 0 you get no help in finding buyers now. real rich fiverr…real rich!


Same condition with me


Is this something that is confirmed by Fiverr? I find it a bit hard to believe that they actually don’t want to help us, but I have the same problem!


They haven’t been transparent I believe in how they operate. Sorry but the proof is here. I find it hard they would not want o help us either but it looks like they are offering more buyer requests to people with better rankings, giving them more business than the smaller fiverr sellers. I guess they feel like theres more of a chance for profit if they give sellers with higher ranking the buyer requests.

There’s absolutely no way this can be a coincidence. I joined fiverr and everything was great until changes were made at the beginning of the year. Since then I dropped levels because of me not reaching a certain rank by a certain time and over time I got down to level zero or whatever you may call it. and when that happened I have no buyer requests. I then sent an email after a few months of wonder what was going on and they tried to tell me different reasons on why it’s like that…one being that buyer requests expire after 10 sellers opt in tho the request…which is a lie because buyer requests have over 20 sellers applying (it shows how many sellers replied on each request) I see requests now because I made a sale recently and magically became a level 1 seller after my complaint. Transparency doesn’t seem to be something they’re into but the proof is here…I’m disappointed since ive done pretty well for the services I offer and fiver has made a good amount from my specific niche so why would they do this to their loyal sellers? it’s disgusting and I’m extremely put off. so what I get out of them doing this is that they want to make sales as quick as possible so they send the buyer requests to the sellers most with the highest ranks in assuming the buyers will trust them more and are more opt to making an order. others who aren’t ranked a level have to try a drive business to the website by promoting outside of fiverr. makes sense and extremely unfair. profit monsters.


Is it possible it’s a bug?

I can see new buyer requests on my phone every now and then…