Buyer Requests Not Updating?!


Is there any reason BR would not be updating (aside from no one posting there, I mean)? It’s been over 24 hrs since I saw a new post; all are dated March 9th and I KNOW they’re from earlier in the day because they’re the same exact posts I saw yesterday morning.


The buyers request is always updating. The only reason you are not seeing it is because the requests are for other categories.


Maybe I really need to branch out, then. Being so new, I NEED the BR because no one’s knocking my door down at this point.


I’m sure I remember somebody saying before that BR don’t update on Fridays in the same way they do the rest of the week?


That COULD be, but Friday’s just starting out, so we’re talking about at least 17 hrs’ worth of Thur daytime hrs with no updates… I mean, maaaybe no one’s posting in the categories I can see, but I don’t know if I can see that being the case.


It’s 18:07 at the time I’m writing this, not exactly starting out. :slight_smile:


Then I guess the question is what timezone is fiverr set to? Because here, it’s 11:08am Fri, which means the last 24+ hrs for ME has been nearly all-day Thur through now.


There are no new buyer requests in my BR section for today, and it’s Friday 17:12 - I have no idea about time zones etc., just read that Friday was different - no idea why!


I understand what you’re saying, but MY point is that I hadn’t seen any new posts for all day THURSDAY. The last new post I saw was early morning THURSDAY Central Standard Time, which means it didn’t update THURSDAY and is continuing on through what is now early-morning Friday for me. So if Friday was the issue, why were there no new posts for me on Thursday?


The last BR I see is from the March 9th: “to write a story about 4 girls dying and fighting” :smile_cat:


Nice - so the 9th was Thursday (in this part of the world at least) so the 10th is Friday, for which there are no new posts.


Which means for you it’s been over a day, is that correct? … I have perused the Forum and see a few posts on the topic from before now and it seems they MAY have been system glitches before.


It was meh… :slight_smile:

The above is correct.

Fiverr runs on GMT. or UTC whichever you want to call it.


Thank you DJ! GMT would also explain it!


Ummm…I always sucked at Geography. What time is it NOW GMT?..

In any case, thanks for that info; now I know going forward that what is Thur for me is partly Fri for fiverr. Maybe even mostly Fri for fiverr.


I’m in the UK - it’s 17.20 - tea time!


So about 6 hrs’ difference. Ok. Thanks again…Guess I’ll go work on other stuff, then, until the BR finally updates.


Hopefully with something that doesn’t include girls dying (possibly while balancing their weight on their sexy feet).


Please tell me there’s more to life than feet!


lol I’ve known a few guys in RL w/foot fetishes. They were quite…interesting…to say the least. But I’m fairly certain that they at least liked their women alive.