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Buyer Requests Not Working Right

This is SO frustrating! Anytime I want to submit an offer on the buyer requests, it tells me to pick which gig would best apply to the buyer’s needs. But it only gives ONE option, and of course, it is not the gig that best applies – it’s the MOST inapplicable one. It doesn’t matter what I do, I cannot get more than one of my gigs to show for submitting the offer. What do I do about this?

The gigs you offer ( in response to a Buyers Request ) have to match the category and or subcategory that the buyer has put their request in.

Okay, thank you for the information. I didn’t know that. I have two gigs listed in the writing category, and I tried to submit offers for some writing-related buyer requests, but it would only allow me to choose the one that wasn’t relevant. Any idea what that’s all about?

@turtlerollsadub You can only offer your gig in the category that it is in. So if you’re in writing & translation -> creative writing and their request was in a slightly different category, you can’t offer it. It’s silly, but that’s just how it is.

Got it now. Thanks so much for the explanation!