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Buyer Requests not working


I’ve been frequently checking the buyer requests over the past 24 hours, and nothing has shown up. How? 24 hours ago there were tons of requests. I’m pretty new here but it seems like a definite glitch, or this site is dead?

Why my buyer request are 0
How can i get more Buyer in buyer request options

When you are new to Fiverr, you do not see as many Buyer Requests. It took me at least a month to 45 days to get my first order. When you reach level one you will see more BRs. The request you do see will be related to your gigs. I notice you are a proofreader and writer so that is the gigs you will see. Most new request start at 7 am Eastern Standard time and after 3 there do not seem to be any new ones. Good Luck!


You are newbie in fiverr that is why you will be getting very less buyers request and but by time to time your gig expression will start incrweasing and your work will be rated you be start getting buyer’s request everyday.


Are you aware that repeating what others have already said in the same thread isn’t going to help you in any way, even if you do it in your own words?

It won’t help you get sales. It won’t make you look like a trusted or knowledgeable member of the community.

It will only make you look like someone who has nothing to say, and can only repeat what others have already said.


I ma not repeatring any ones wording i have write it from my own
not i cheated from anyone else.
Thank you


Many people copy and paste comments other forum users have made earlier in a thread. That is not only impolite but it shows they are too lazy to make their own comment. You did use your own words, but they said basically the same thing I said. Ever since I joined the Forum in September I have noticed that Forum users do not like to see copy and past comments or comments that summarize what a previous poster says. They like to read original thoughts that add something new to the conversation. I think that is why @catwriter made her comment. :wink:


Every one has the right to write what they want but their own


Of course. However, if you’re only rehashing what others are saying (with occasional arguing), you’re leaving a bad impression. For example, someone might think that, since you’re only rehashing the words of others, your designs might be copied, too. You don’t want your potential buyers to think that, especially not if you’re in a highly competitive category as logo design.


I am not copying a ny one’s text i am writing from my own that must that we have to write on a selected topic so ofcourse it might be same because tyhe topic is also same
Thank You


There’s nothing original in your posts.

If someone says “You should go see a doctor”, and then you say “You should go see a medical professional”, the words are not quite the same, but the meaning is, and you’re not contributing to the discussion.

If you have no new information or insight to add, there’s no good reason to post.


I have used my words not yours


I’m also facing same problem, plz help


some time buyer requests are shown but all the request are not updated.


I wish the buyers would delete their request once they have booked a seller’s gig. I do not even look at all the old ones.


So when you’re new it doesn’t show you that many buyer requests? How come, and what system do they use to block you?

ahh thats 4 am here. How am i supposed to get any? haha I cant really promote on my own social media


Yes, it is true when you are new, you do not see as many Buyer Requests, and it also seems they disappear faster. I do not know why or what system they use to block you.

Hmmm, you posted 8 minutes ago that it is 4 am there. Then you are apparently not in the US as your profile page says. When Fiverr notices the discrepancy, they could change it or even take your profile down.

Sellers in other timezones adjust their schedules to take advantage of being able to see and make offers on Buyer Requests.


Huh? No I do live here. It’s not 4 Am here. Eastern time is 3 pm right now right? You’re talking about the Eastern coast?


Yes, in the US it is 3:36pm now.


It´s the weekend too, I often see less BRs then or even no new ones. Perhaps you´ll have better luck come Monday, relax so long.
If that state of things prevails, you can contact support to ask whether they can check if it´s something with your account, but I´d wait at least until Monday.

What you can do from your side, is pondering whether you can come up with a gig/gigs in another category or subcategory too, which would heighten your chances of seeing requests; of course, that makes only sense if for a category in which something interesting for you may get posted.


There were more sellers looking for work today than BR posts that interested me. I did not make an offer on one of them.