Buyer Requests now showing at all



I am not able to see new buyer requests for today. The last update is of yesterday.

Is it a fault at Fiverr’s end or at my end? Can someone direct me how to resolve this or how to contact customer support for this issue?



Customer Support (click me). There´s a link to CS in the footer of the/your page btw for fast access next time.

Could be a few things, but you can find lots of threads on that on the forum already, so I won´t go into it. Hope it will resolve for you either way. :four_leaf_clover:


I have just checked and they are showing for me, so it may be an error at your end. there are several issue at the moment with fiverr and the way it functions. I send messages and buyers don’t get the (even though they are shoeing in my version of the inbox)m and others. It is tome to iron out the bugs, I think.