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Buyer Requests only showing Sellers!? Why?


Why is the Buyer Requests box ONLY showing sellers? Are there any buyer requests anymore? I feel like seller bots are taking over and choking out the buyers who could use my services.


The only choking that is happening is at your end.

Don’t worry buyer’s do not visit that page… :thumbsup:


Can you elaborate? What page DO buyers visit?


Well besides the search results page?

Let me post some screenshots of what buyers do upon posting a Request.

  1. Once a buyer posts a request for a job on Buyer’s Request, they would click:
    ->Requests ->Manage Requests
    to come to this page:
    Where they would see their Active requests or Paused requests

  2. They would then review the offers placed on a particular request to see how many sellers RESPONDED to that offer:

Clicking on Review Offer shows the buyer the Sellers that have sent an offer and what they have written in their responses.

Buyer then click on a desired seller to either purchase or perform further discussion with them.

Hope this helped!


Thank you :slight_smile: That makes sense, and I really appreciate the screen shots. I think I was confused because up til recently I could from my dashboard click on “buyer requests” and have a selection of potential buyers to submit samples and offers to, ones who were looking for services like mine and posting requests, rather than the mob of sellers who have taken it over it seems, but now it looks like to me if I just, as a seller, sort of reverse the process you described I’ll find them. Thank you :slight_smile:


You got it! :thumbsup:


Really it is effective way but I have some problem that when search buyer request I can not buyer proposal(not found).