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Buyer Requests Options? :(

I don’t know if its just me but I literally only ever see legal requests, ones where a lawyer is needed and nobody posts requests in blog posts or photo editing or any of the other categories :confused:
They say to send your full 10 requests a day but I have like no one to send them to.

Anyone else annoyed by this?

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will it be that you do not have the labels correctly? why ami I get corresponding to my gigs

It’s likely because it’s a competitive category/subcategory and as soon as there are about 10 offers from unlevelled sellers for a request that request will not show for other unlevelled sellers. You can refresh the page more times per day and you’ll likely see them. When you advance in levels you’ll likely see more.

interesting. I did not know that if you go up in levels, more offers would come out. Thanks for the information.

It’s probably at least partly because they just don’t disappear as quickly. eg. you can see some going back a month, including ones with many offers. But I think only around 10 offers from unlevelled sellers is enough to make them disappear for others unlevelled sellers and a lot of the time it can be empty for those.

that’s true. most of the day I appear empty, without any request. then it is for not having any level