Buyer Requests...Or Not


I’m just about brand spanking new here, so forgive me for being a little confused. I understood that Buyer Requests was a place for a buyer to request a service of a seller. Right?

The majority of requests I see are from sellers asking for work. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose? Why would a buyer be looking in Buyer Requests? That’s…very confusing.

Sigh. Could someone explain?


Those sellers are mostly confused. A few know they are doing something they shouldn’t be but think it’s a sneaky way to advertise. They don’t understand that most buyers can’t see what they’ve written at all, since even if a buyer wanted to look there, you have to have gigs to see them.

Others just totally don’t get the concept at all. You just have to ignore the sellers or click remove on them and read the real buyer requests. Fiverr bans sellers who keep doing it, but it takes time.


The Buyer Request section is intended for BUYERS to make request. Every now and then you’ll have a stubborn seller who thinks they will have an upper hand by making an offer in that area. I personally don’t know if it works— highly doubt it, but that is not its intended purpose. Welcome to fiverr and I hope you the best of luck in the future. Refrain from using such poor tactics like the one mentioned. Its really annoying as a seller to witness people engage in such foul behavior.
In order to help you in making your first few steps as a new fiverr member, I recommend you give this guide a look. I typically send this to people who are trying to get settled on fiverr.
I have not thoroughly looked at a lot of the guides, but it caught my attention so I hope it can be of some help! I encourage you to browse through the tip sections incase you feel like you wont be able to make it without help.
Best of luck!


Thanks for the link!