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Buyer requests (P1)

I saw many sellers talk about buyer requests. And they always telling they send so many buyer requests and still not receive orders. Because they focus on the number of offers.

Simply there are a ton of talented peoples around the world and you can see many sellers coming to work with Fiverr day by day. But don’t think it is a disadvantage to past sellers. This is a fair site and they are keep protect buyers, new sellers, and senior sellers. So, Everyone grows here.

Let’s see How buyer request works,
If Buyer post their request,
if it contains filters like category sub-category it goes to a specific seller who completes those.

Basically Our requests rank on how fast we reply to that request. If you send it fast it comes first.
That’s why people create the same template and just copy and paste to all of the requests. After telling us we sending buyer requests and not receive any orders. They only focus about offer quantity. Some times it will work:laughing: :laughing: Because also, I try that. :laughing: But it is less chance to get orders. So, try to create a small template and create editable areas in your template so, You can change those and send them.

I told, Buyer request offers rank depend on your fast reply. :grinning: But I think a high chance to come level one and two sellers top of the page. After it ranks on time. And there is an option to sort those offers. image

Let’s talk about your offer template,

  1. So, Now all we know we need a clean and simple template. It’s OK.

  2. After some sellers add links to that offer. I think some of the sellers broke Fiverr TOS rules. And they not clearly read about Fiverr TOS. Because we all try to tick that option and go-ahead. Unfortunately, That’s is true. So, Automatically we agree with Fiverr TOS. If we broke those rules Fiverr can ban us without sending warnings. However, They not go that fast, they investigate it and warning us.
    I’m a little confused about sending links. Also, some Level 2 sellers have violated this rule.
    Then try to add Fiverr allowed links only.

What links can we share in an offer, gig, profile?

I was talking about adding a flicker link to my offer. But first-time Fiverr customer service not allowed to do that, After they tell me it will OK. So, I can not guarantee those links. Because you can see there is youtube, If we can share a youtube link I think buyers can contacts sellers outside Fiverr. It is against Fiverr TOS.
And you know Fiverr not allowed to share google drive. So, We must use some of the above links to add our portfolio.

  1. Try to call with the name of the buyer.
    If someone speaks our name, it’s really good, we like it. And buyers like to click those offers.
    But there is a problem, the Fiverr web site not showing the buyer’s name in the buyer request. But if you using the Fiverr mobile app to sending buyer requests you can see the buyer’s name.

  2. Buyers try to pick up a seller in offers 0-30. So, try to send it fast. Sometimes we can see that 80+ offers have already been sent to the buyer. So, Don’t try to waste your offer. :smiley:

  3. Don’t forget to add a perfect fit gig to that offer. If you using the Fiverr mobile app you can see automatically select gig. So, Don’t worry about that.

And Next time Don’t forget to use this Icon. :laughing: :laughing:
image Because this really helpful :smiley: :smiley:

I think this will be useful to you. Certainly, I will miss a few points. So, Add your points too. Really appreciate it. :smiley: :smiley:


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Thank you for sharing this. :rofl: :rofl: Now I can judge how good my offer. :rofl: :rofl:
Also, I tried this. but I think most of the sellers now send clear messages. And they break some of Fiverr’s rules (forbidden sharing links). :smiley: :smiley: :+1:
Thank you. This will help for new sellers.