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Buyer requests portfolio

Hello guys,
What is the proper method of sending portfolios to buyers? Should it be screenshots of one’s completed/ ongoing project or is it going to be in a form of a link? I’m not quite sure how it’s here. Can someone please help me? Thank you


Hi Berney,

It depends upone what type of work you do. If you are logo designer then, probably mockups of your recently designs. If you are a website developer then, share your recently completed websites link.



Hello Mubashir, thank you for replying. I know what to do now. I think I need to send mockups of data entry projects.
Thank you so much.


I think the easiest method would be if you send them link to an portfolio site like behance or dribbble. :slight_smile:

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HI Berney,
You can create you own portfolio on “Flickr”. One the big advantage is you can create collections or albums for different categories but you to save files in image format like Jpeg or png.


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Thank you for replying. :blush: I’ll do the needful

Hi Jeekay,
That idea sound good too. Thank you so much. :blush:

Thank you so much. Now I know what to do :blush:

Glad to know that you are liking it.