Buyer requests problems


Hi guys , hope you are all doing well , i have a question about the fivver buyer requests , most of time it’s empty for me , and sometimes it’s full of people offering their service there , is this legit to do on the website or what ? and where can i find people who search for freelancers ? thanks


Hi, sounds a bit weird because you are in the logo design category and this category mostly never runs out of the Buyers Requests. Today there are like 100+ BRs in the logo designing category, is it the same for you?

No it isn’t. Spamming in the BR is likely to get the sellers banned after they had been found spamming for multiple times. Don’t do like that!

In the Buyers Request itself. :slight_smile:


hi dude , thanks a lot for the answer , yeah it’s still empty , there is only people spamming their service there :confused:


here , here is a screenshot
1 active & it’s a spam