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Buyer Requests question?


Hello all,

New member newbie here :slight_smile: Doing some hard research and profile updating to get things started.
Will post more on forum and start my own story but for now i have one question.

When i am on “Buyer Request tab”, and se some excellent offer, when i click “Send Offer” and select my GIG, write appropriae hello message, the thing about “Total offer amount” i don’t get…

If i type 5$ and send the offer, is it finalised ? Or is it just some mandatory thing since we cannot send offer without filling the $ form.

So for example, someone wants to buy a logo design for their company and sets 10$, i go on his offer and offer him the service i provide and set 5$, is that finalised or is it changeable, the money issue?

What if i just want buyer to see my offer and after he contacts me arrange the price for the job…

With kind regards,


If you bid on a request with $5 and a buyer accepts it then you can’t change it anymore.
So, I usually write in the message that they should contact me first with project details and then I will make a more realistic offer.

About 90% of buyers contact me with the details and I will adjust my offer. Although there is this 10% who will accept my order right away and I can’t make any changes. So, make sure you’re comfortable doing the job for the amount you offered.


Awesome answer, ty @uxreview