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Buyer Requests response


Yesterday I got my first request from a buyer. He told me about the job and asked me if I can do it. I answered positive and he never replied.
I want to know If anything wrong with my manner of response.


I am sorry, but how are we supposed to know that without you telling us about it?


No worries!! let him take his time.
If he showed interest in you, he will come back; overall!! its up to the buyers choice.
Just move on!!


Thanks :grin: Just trying to figure out the problem so I can avoid next time.


Don’t worry Afrinurmi;
It’s not your fault and surely its not a problem; rather than just a process- adopt and move on.

Thanks for reading.
Take care.


If you type “write buyer request” in the search bar above you will find several posts on how to write an effective reply to a Buyer Request.


Oh, I see…thanks. :grinning:


well, that’s nothing to worry about, there are quite number of buyers like that.
if he appears to be online, you may just try message him to confirm if he is still interested, so as not to keep your own anxiety and expectation up for nothing.