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Buyer requests revisions to get more time to review the delivery, now what?

Hi there!

I’m running a voice over gig and recently two of my clients requested revisions simply for the sake of not auto-completing the order. Both needed to forward the material to any other instance, the latter one even literally wrote “…there’s nothing to do for you right now.”.

I’ve told the the first one recently (friendly) that the revision feature is intended to use for real revision requests, not for buying more time. Seems it has angered him a little so he really came up with a reason to request a revision. And then another one.

Do you have any ideas on how to handle this better? I’ve had pretty good communication with both, until that point. Apparently people don’t like it when you point out their mistakes.

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We’ve tried explaining that the ‘Request Revision’ is only for real revisions, but the only way that threat would mean anything to the buyer is if you followed up with ‘and what you’re doing is abusing the revisions’ button, which then gets very hostile. We’ve never had a buyer get snippy with us about this, quite the opposite - we find that they just say something like “oh ok, I’ll know for next time”, then do it next time anyway.

Do you offer revisions as part of your gig? If you do, one thing you could do is explain to clients that the 3 days is for THEM to feedback as to whether the quality of the work is sufficient and in-line with the brief, and that even if the gig completes, you’d be willing to offer a revision if the client comes back with a request (putting a time limit on this of course - 1 week should be more than enough). I guess this depends to a certain extent on your own policy with regard to revisions.

The other way, which is unfortunately what we’ve opted for on the handful of times this has happened to us, is to bite our tongue, say “ok”, and then just wait them out. The longest we’ve waited is two weeks, but the client told us up-front that this would happen, and paid for the revision. Not that it should make a difference, but the end-client was one of the world’s largest drinks manufacturers, and we probably allowed a certain degree of flex in order to get that client under our belt. Like I say, not how it should be, but let’s be real…

I find that 90% of the time, when we’re tasked with a voice over by a video creator (for example), the video creator only has a buyer account on Fiverr. They’re completing their work off-Fiverr, in the world of invoices and 30-day payments, where feedback is a slow process, and their client doesn’t give a monkeys about Fiverr and it’s 3-day feedback policy (they probably don’t even realise that’s where you were hired).


Well, I think this might push clients to actually come up with revision reasons to justify their request.

I don’t include revisions by default, but offer them as an extra. I had them included, but people were abusing them and asking for entire scripts “done a little differently”… Usually without specifying anything in the first place.

I am in fact working until my client is happy, which usually is quite fast with only minor adjustments, if any at all. I sometimes do adjustments even weeks after an order is completed, if the request is within reason.

I feel you! I tend to be more patient with bigger clients and larger orders.

Anyway, I just told the other guy now that I’m on his side, willing to do revisions, but also asked if he’s okay with me delivering the same voice over again, thus resetting the auto-complete timer to another three days.

Hey there, I deal with this sometimes too! I don’t necessarily try to explain it to them since Buyers can feel entitled to revisions. They also often don’t understand that agreeing to TOS also means you agree to certain time limits (since keeping the Seller waiting hurts their stats, and that’s simply not fair on their end if they’ve chosen to work through Fiverr rather than a contract basis).

What I generally do is just “enforce.” Meaning, I will redeliver with a little note, “Hi there, since I don’t have a specific revision request, I will have to redeliver. Please note that based on the TOS (and I link the TOS), the ‘request revisions’ button can only be used for this purpose.” And basically, KEEP delivering if they don’t give you a request. This generally works for me because it’s not confrontational and doesn’t give much room for argument.

If they’re doing it maliciously and have exceeded their paid revisions, continue to redeliver, send a custom extra, and contact CS to let them know. Hope this helps!


I recently added a FAQ question addressing revisions, along with a required question/answer, also regarding revisions. I mention in both places that revision requests must be placed before the gig’s deadline.

I always deliver early, but I have had numerous buyers wait until the last possible minute to request revisions. Sometimes they request them after the timer has run out; sometimes they are waiting for something and think that it’s okay to not only request a revision after the timer has run out, but to ask me to wait even longer, until they have what they need to do the revision.

It just bugs me that I deliver early but now it looks like I drag my feet, even though it was something completely out of my hands. I guess time will tell if adding that bit helps or not.


I had a person who went: “We’ll get to it when I’m back from the conference, thank you!”, requested a revision and disappeared for 3 weeks. I waited. Didn’t like it but I was on the road and didn’t want them to start acting funny if I just redelivered.

You can either give them some time (3 days, a week) or just redeliver with the same comment. That you’ll be happy to assist them as soon as they have the revisions to speak of and so on.


That’s a great idea. I also deliver early and thankfully have rarely dealt with this problem, but it scares me to think it might. Would love to know if it works for you!

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same issue here

Asked for revisions, but no info attached… And this is the second time…

This looks like they left comments on the item you delivered, meaning if you open the preview of your delivery there will be comments in a panel on the right. Sometimes there is a glitch that doesn’t allow you to look at the comments. If that’s the case ask the buyer to copy and paste their notes directly into the chat.