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Buyer Requests Revisited - FWIW

A seller who shall remain nameless, because it’s not allowed to name users even if that user is himself, has compiled some statistics regarding his experience with Buyer Requests.

As of this writing there are 56,275 active gig requests on Fiverr.

It is this seller’s belief that Fiverr implemented their new BR policies around the beginning of 2014.

This seller has made 66 offers from June 2013 to April 22, 2014 In the Photography/Photoshopping category .

Before the change

Of those 66 offers, 31 were made between June 30, 2013 and Dec 31,2013

Fiverr lists the seller’s offers and flags all of the ones that have been filled by anyone.

19 of those 31 requests were filled producing a 61% fill rate.

742 offers were made for an average of 24 offers per request

After the change

The remaining 35 offers were made from Jan 3, 2014 to April 22, 2014

Of those 35 requests, 5 were filled producing a 14% fill rate.

1427 offers were made for an average of 41 offers per request.

OK Fiverr, go ahead and tell me that any sane buyer is going to sift through 41 offers to find a seller that meets his needs. And to top it all off, the potential buyer has to treat each offer from a standpoint of ignorance since most of the time he/she has no idea what is being offered relative to their requests.

Really, Fiverr, do think anyone benefits from this “improved” “perk”.

For what it’s worth.

On April 19th there was only one request in the Graphics & Design/Photography & Photoshopping category. That “request” was made by a seller offering his own services. So far, he has received 91 offers from other sellers.


As a Seller, I check BRs everyday. The number of BRs I see has decreased greatly and in 2014, I’ve had only one order thru a BR. Prior to 2014 I saw many more BRs and had a higher percent of orders. Now every day when I check, I think to myself this will be the last time I check it.

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