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Buyer Requests Section Needs Some Work Immediately!


Every new roll-out has it’s bugs no matter what it is but the new Buyer Requests section really hurts the buyer & the seller. As sellers we’ve been cut off from directly communicating w/the buyer & limited only to responding to their request by selecting from a few gigs that appear on a dropdown menu. Often the gigs available to select from in the menu don’t correspond with the requests. Also, what about requests we can do but haven’t created a gig for?

What’s also frustrating is that the description of the request gets cut off after so many characters. You can hover your cursor to expand it but only slightly. For example I just tried to view a request from someone who needs a video editor that can create something similar to a video that they provided a link for. The end of the url in the link was cut off & even if had it been there I wouldn’t have been able to click on it or copy it since most of the description only appears upon a mouse hover.

Lines of communication need to be re-opened so we can both figure out the best way to move forward with individual requests.


Actually, if you check your inbox, you’ll find a copy of a message sent to the potential buyer. There you can connect with that buyer.


You’re right, thank you. This still really needs to be addressed.


Truly. I had been able to select from one of my gigs to submit to potential buyers. Then 2 days ago, I edited the title and content of one of them. Now I am no longer able to select an appropriate one to submit.