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Buyer Requests section needs to be optimized

Hello people of Fiverr :slight_smile:

My opinion as a seller: We need a proper system to have a discussion/build a rapport with the buyers who are looking to spend their money.

My team offers many services designing to development. and I get to send 10 offers a day? and that too not a proper message but a spammy link to my gig(which is a generalized description of our service)…!

No wonder buyers have such bad experiences, this place is full of sellers claiming to be the best in the biz, showing stolen work or whatever it takes to get the buyers to place the order

Let us atleast have the opportunity to have a discussion with the buyers and understand their requirements & explain our skills.

and maybe number of offers/messages we can send should be increased overall and depending on the level of the seller.

The current system is ridiculous. :-<

If you choose to make a Custom Offer, you can be verbose to the tune of 1200 characters. Any further discussions are up to the Buyer.

Totally agreed with you @advertise_sero fiverr has done a great mistake by doing this … and believe me if they dont fix it they are going to repent on their deisions of making buyers request section .FIverr should redo the option of ocntacting the buyers

As a seller, have you ever posted a buyer request…maybe go try it asking for a logo or graphic design and see how many messages you get. Come back and let us know.

@zeromark @sincere18

Thank you for your valuable feedback on my gigs.
Regarding the team, I mainly do the branding work & I take help from my colleagues for web design/development projects…

My only concern is, if the buyer section is not optimized, spending any time on fiverr is probably not worth it.

I have only got about 10 sales from fiverr in past 4-5 months.

The least they can do is increase the number of offers we can send.

advertiser_seo said: We need a proper system to have a discussion/build a rapport with the buyers who are looking to spend their money.

Not really, if a buyer sends a message, that’s enough. If he makes an order and provides instruction, that’s also enough. Fiverr is about making money fast, I don’t mind having personal conversations with clients after I’ve gotten to know them, but not before.

Clients who place orders are serious. Clients who message me with “Are you available?” are not serious. I simply tell those the following: “I would love to help you out, just go ahead place an order and provide instructions.” Before I didn’t bother with such sentimentality, but now I realize it sells better. You just got to lead your clients or they will end up wasting a lot of time.

fastcopywriter. I second your opinion but that doesn’t work for every buyer.
Some buyer are not really sincere just like to chat and at the end will not order but there are still few of them but very few. If you read in between their chats and responses you should able to differentiate. As for the 10 daily offer. I will agree that there should be a difference in the limit of offers to be send to buyer based on badge levels. Am not saying it should be reduced for beginner rather it should be increased as you move up the ladder of leadership.

Reply to @ricksper: Hi Rick

But you see in a custom offer I have to include an amount & timeline for the job I don’t fully understand yet.
and the main concern is only 10 offers per seller, no matter how many different services you provide…

Also I believe the seller profile level should also add to the number of offers we can send.
It only makes sense. Level 2 means that the seller is reliable and should be able to reach out to more potential buyers than a rookie.

What do you think?

Reply to @advertiser_seo: Even if you don’t use custom offer, you still need to choose the price and then timeline would be based on your gig, so what is the different? If you don’t choose and just click submit, it would be a basic $5.

Reply to @advertiser_seo: While I agree that 10 requests is too little, I don’t agree that Level 2 sellers are always more reliable. Of course they are expected to be, but you can easily find a ‘rookie’ who will do a better job because he has more time available due to small number of orders and more reason to satisfy the customer.

There have been complaints about even Top Rated Sellers, and those are handpicked by Fiverr’s staff, so not possible to be boosted to it, unlike level 2, for which you can just have a friend or friends buy your gig and leave positive reviews. Using another account for it is possible and has definitely been done too. Don’t get me wrong, I know higher levels love their customers a lot and will do their best and that most of them are genuine hard workers and nice people. Just saying that not all of them are and that “Level 2” doesn’t necessarily mean “reliable”.

What’s more, the top quality level 2s usually won’t even need to send buyer’s requests because of all the orders they’re getting from their regulars or customers who simply find them by searching.

Reply to @zeromark: Yes, but most of the level 2 sellers are reliable & most of these “rookies” are not.
You cannot “easily” find a new seller that delivers quality better than a Level 2 sellers.

I am mostly talking about graphic design & writing category because that’s where I have looked around.

I am a level 2 seller with great reviews but I get bascially 0-2 orders a month from buyers who find me via search.
I get almost all my clients from Buyer Request section.

and being a Level 2 seller should be of an advantage in an area where it matters the most i.e. BUYERS REQUEST SECTION!!

Reply to @advertiser_seo: You can easily find a ‘rookie’ that delivers better quality than a random level 2 seller with barely 50 orders delivered, of which most are from a couple of buyers or even only one (or 50 reviews on deleted gigs). Of course I’m not referring to the 100% rating level 2s. Neither am I referring to new sellers who are actually not good, but trying to scam people. I am referring to new sellers who are good at what they do and have a couple of 5 star reviews already or a convincing description/samples of work. Based on MY experience, a new seller tries really hard and communicates throughout the entire order, which are things a busy level 2 seller can’t do even if they wanted to. And I didn’t have problems finding one. Also high rating gigs from level 2/TRS sellers are also amazing and I’d always order from them If I didn’t want to support the ‘rookies’. A lot of level 2s and up do have awesome communication and results, but a lot of them don’t as well.

I don’t see why Level 2 sellers should have the advantage of being able to send more requests to buyers, as that would only increase the difference in the amount of orders they get compared to newcomers. The 2 orders you may get a month are 2 more than a new comer will get from the search. If your gig has a 5.0 rating, everyone you send an offer to will pick you over someone who is level 1 or a ‘rookie’ with not many reviews, even if they have 5.0 too.

You can decide on which ones you are most likely to get and take your time to construct a decent message instead of sending an offer with a saved message to every request that pops up. (Not saying that that’s what you do, just in case.) In the best case scenario, you’ll get 10 orders a day, although not very likely.

And I don’t really think the buyers’ request section matter the most after you’ve proved yourself and got repeat customers/ and when you get on the top of search. You may not even use it.

Reply to @advertiser_seo: yes, but keep in mind that for every buyer request you send to someone, 100’s of other sellers can be sending that buyer a custom offer too. I think that is why Fiverr keeps it limited. SOmeone just wrote about this in another post. I think the buyers wouldn’t like it so much to get even more and more emails.

Reply to @zeromark: I guess we just have very different opinions on this.

The Major issue here is “10 offers a day” which is not fair in a marketplace where there are 100s of requests everyday.

Reply to @sincere18: Yes, I have, and sometimes, I get a lot of replies & offers.
When I fend the ideal one, I remove my request.

Other times, I got very few responds(in the same category), only about 10-15
maybe because my request for burried in a bunch of requests.

My main concern is the limit of 10 offers a day, which is ridiculous and only forcing me to quit fiverr because it’s not worth my time(or any serious seller’s time) to make 20-30$ a month.

Reply to @advertiser_seo: Yeah, although I agree with the original suggestion. Just let everyone have some more offers to send. It’s not that hard to deal with spam since you can just delete the request as soon as you find the person you want to work with and put a halt on incoming offers. Of course, if they post a request, they should expect a certain amount of messages. After all, if they don’t want to get messages they can just find their desired buyer by searching.

Also, buyers who have never been sellers cannot receive mails even when they post a request, only the messages included in the custom offer.

Reply to @advertiser_seo: but there are many top sellers earning alot of money each moth, I guess it might depends on the gigs. But I don’t think some of the top rate sellers are sending out requests. So maybe the key is to try and do other thigns to get your gig to be found in searched and sold more.

Reply to @advertiser_seo: actually I looked at your gigs, maybe you can make them a little better. Maybe all those same cover images aren’t as good as showing actual samples for each gig and what you are selling for that gig. Like your vintage logo gig, why not make a photo for the front that shows one or two of your logos that are vintage.

Also, some of hte gigs do not have much written for them, the Stationary gig has 3 lines, you need much more than that and should say what the client gets. I think you need to be more specific instead of just saying to contact you and tell you what they need. Tell them for $5 you will design a business card, pay $5 extra for Letterhead, things like that. Did you make all those business s cards that are photographed on the same wood table?

Also the other thing that may be hurting you a bit is that you say you are a “team”. I think there are mixed feelings about that sometimes with buyers. If I am here on Fiverr and I am looking for a freelancer, I don’t want a team becauSe then I really do not know who is doing any of the work actually. So just keep that in mind.

Reply to @sincere18: It’s especially confusing when in the profile description the seller refers to himself/herself with “I” or “me” but in the gigs’ descriptions it’s written that a team will work on it… I’ve seen a couple of buyers’ accounts where I couldn’t really tell if it’s a team or a single person.

Reply to @zeromark: me too. I tend to stay away from teams, especially at $5 per gig rates. I sometimes wonder if it’s a little bit of a language barrier along with the fact that many solo freelancers tend to think it’s an asset to say we and imply that they are a bigger company, though I don’t think that works so well on Fiverr.