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"Buyer requests section" sucks

The Buyer requests function seems interesting, but it also sucks. First of all it’s really hidden under “more” and in mobile view it’s completely invisible. There is no way of contacting a buyer before sending an offer. At least 8/10 of the requests are extremely unclear, so there should be a Q&A function, where the seller’s can ask questions and the buyer can choose to publish the answers to make the result more clear. I haven’t tried creating a buyer request yet, but I commonly see people offering their services there or just posting three words. Whatever the UI looks like, it should push the users towards higher quality requests. There should also be a voting and/or commenting function for the requests. Furthermore there need to be more filtering options, for example, no matter how trivial it is, I don’t want to see requests with a 5$ budget (even if this site is called fiverr, d’oh!). A subscription function would also be nice, so that I get a notification if someone posts a request on something with a certain minimum budget and certain keywords.


Of course there isn’t, if there was all the meksells would spam anyone posting a request incessantly.

And even so, way too many people find it.

Just let it die already. It’s a bad system, not by implementation, but by design. Fiverr’s appeal is NOT having to pitch. If you want to apply to “buyer requests”, go sell on reddit.


I agree mostly. And for example, I make 2d character animation, but I see in buyers requests about 3d character rigging. it’s a wrong thing to see there. I never told to fiverr I make 3d animations. It’s just like to be asked to wite a song, because you translate texts. You do work with texts, right? So go and write a song. I think it’s not very convenient.

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Yep it’s just supplementary function for mostly new sellers to find work. Good thing is it’s not main feature of fiverr. So can be mostly ignored.

Of course there should also be search function.

My point is that if this feature exists it needs to be done at least somewhat properly or indeed it should be removed. In its current state it’s useless - but it could be fixed to make it useful…

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