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"Buyer Requests" - Sellers/Buyers - Does it work for you?

Simple question really.

Questions for Everyone:

  1. How many of you utilize the “Buyer’s Requests” feature here?
  2. Does it work for you?
  3. Are you a buyer or a seller?


1)Are there others like me wondering why we dont seem to get a message back?
I dont even get a “No Thanks” out of like 40 answered buyer requests…

  1. Are you copying + pasting a standard template to these buyer requests when you answer them? (Wondering if fiverr ghosts people who do that)


  1. I’d also like to hear from the buyers posting the requests… Do you get spammed?
  2. Does it hep you find QUALITY gigs or what?

My Message:
I’m confident that I have good gigs here because most time I’m super swamped… but it’s been back to school season and things have slowed down enough for me to consider using the buyer’s request feature again.

Here is what I’ve noticed though… I may have put out over 40 of them in the past several months and I only remember getting a reply back from 2 … maybe 3.

I’m wondering if the buyers are getting spammed with replies from their buyer request they put out and are just not answering anyone anymore?

Or is fiverr ghosting my messages because I’m posting basically a template responding to the buyer’s request…

What I answer a buyer’s request with is something to the extent of , “Hey I see your need for a video , is the job still available? Lets talk about it! I do this , this , this , and this… and here is my sample portfolio.”

I don’t understand how I can send out 40 messages and not even get back a “no thanks” every once in a while.

The whole point of this post is to try to figure out how many of you are getting success with it… or messages back at all!

Thanks to anyone who contributes to this one.

I’m usually asking these things so that I can gather feedback on a mass scale and often share my findings with the staff when I happen to open tickets. So this will go a long way if people consider answering a few of the questions :wink:

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I ask people to hire me there all the time and it really works!


I check it maybe once a week and it’s full of ^ or ridiculous people, so it doesn’t work for me at all. I do send personalized messages that ask probing questions etc, but I might as well just punch myself in the eye for want of a reaction. I think maybe I got one $10 sale out of it many moons ago. But mostly, it’s somewhere I go to tut and sigh. Even if there is a good budget, there’s nothing.

As far as I see it, it’s a desert of lost hopes and dreams that pairs well with a dish of My Fiverr Gigs.

But you can always follow the tip of that one no-level seller in Tips for Sellers who suggests you use a template for everyone and make megasales! This tip works well if you’re also going to finish the scraping the barrel job for your esteemed Scrooge.


Haha well said. I’ve only gotten a few sales from it … and it was a looong time ago for me too. I read posts here from time to time about how buyers complains they get spammed by the amount of people who answer their buyer request. I’m wondering what the deal is… I’m assuming that the buyers who make a buyer’s request are hoping for the absolute cheapest things possible or they are getting spammed hard.

About those offering tips for sellers… most of them make me facepalm… I’ve already recorded a video to offer tips for buyers but it ended up too long so I’m revamping it … breaking it into chunks now… Just stuff I’ve learned that will help buyers pick the right gigs and search for stuff better. At the same time I hope to help them avoid some of the stuff that annoys us as sellers… like rejecting an order for modifications and having it go late on you. O_o

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Perfectly said.

Anyways, I think Fiverr should actually do something so we can see which of our offers got rejected. Otherwise, we just have a huge museum of rejected offers on the “sent offers” section. My ratio until now is 46 sent offers: two have been accepted.

That ratio sounds about right, I wasn’t able to get the ball rolling with my gig until I started using the buyer requests. I’m level 2 now and still only get maybe 2-5% of the orders I send offers for. Just gotta keep at it!

Edit: Keep in mind, I haven’t kept track of how many offers have gotten results (and it doesn’t appear to be in analytics), but I’ve sent 361. It’s definitely disheartening to have such a low ratio, but with any freelancing, you’re going to get many times more rejections than orders. It really was the only way I was able to get my foot in the door on here, but once I got some orders through there, it bumped me up in the search ranks and now I’m getting 3+ people messaging me directly asking for quotes.

Actually we professional don’t do 5$ low Quality Copy-paste work, therefore our price are somehow high. BUT unfortunately some new sellers send them offers of 5$ even the work deserve 100$ to be done. They offer 5$ in order to get hired but they DON’T actually do Quality work when get hired. It’s really very annoying!

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This is the main reason, buyers love to settle for less but mind you, some of these buyers know what they want and are ready to pay the pro(s) to handle their jobs. There is no secret to buyer’s request, you just have to convince the buyer with all you have, your message, ratings/reviews and part works (portfolio; this is always helpful). :smirk: