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Buyer Requests sellers posting offers

I see many sellers post in buyer requests, are they breaking or violating some rules? Im not sure if that is correct to other sellers in this community.

Thank you,

This will answer your question and make you laugh. :joy:

Same old story…


Yes, but there are literally few hundred threads of sellers complaining and so far, it’s still an ongoing issue.

Ignore it. Only seller can see buyers request, so the offers they have are other sellers who did not read requirement before bidding.

I think it would be a funny conversation, both the bidder and poster are trying to sell to each other.


Indeed its hillarious how they trying to offer their services and compete between themselves. Thank you for helping me to understand this, it was worth posting :laughing:

Thank you for time and wise answer. I was just curious. Even tho i would never post and be unfair to other people who are trying to work hard. :smiley:

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No problem.

You are not losing out. :slight_smile:

Oh to have the power to see. :eyes: