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Buyer Requests... Selling Products?

I’ve been on fiverr for about a week and a half, and I’ve read many articles on how to get your first sale/get started/get featured. The goals we all have.

This thread is my little rant on the buyer requests and my experience with it. I refresh it a couple times every hour, and for the first few days I was sending out 10 per day. The people who needed art/illustrations. I managed to have good enough quality of work to get 3 people to write me back, discuss the artwork needed to the point where they should order, only to find that they no longer need my service. That’s fine, they probably found a better deal, competition is healthy.

Where my problem comes in is that for the last couple days, there have been only around 20 buyer requests in general, and out of those 20, 9 were ads for sellers! Then out of the other 11 there were around 3 who needed art. (Glad to say I did get 1 sale from it!)

If the buyer requests have to be ‘approved by mods’ then why are so many violating the TOS? It makes no sense…

Just a little food for thought. Has anyone had similar issues with buyer requests? I am new here so this may be a normal thing. Thanks!

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I somehow agree with that, though profiles cannot be clicked on buyers request, yet offers can be sent if the buyer is not that stupid, but bare in mind that most sellers who advertise on buyer request are new accounts, they get what they pay for

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BRs are not human checked on the first instance.

The initial check is done by a keyword verification process.

If repeatedly a BR is denied, then you receive the warning that further action can take place. That is when human intervention takes place.

The key is to figure out how to word your BR so it would pass the verification.

That’s what those sellers have figured out, but sadly haven’t figured out that the BR is ONLY seen by sellers.

Le Sigh

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