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Buyer Requests Should be Completely Scrapped

Today I visited the Fiverr amusement park that is buyer requests. Needless to say, I left quickly.

Just look at this nonsense:

I want 15 x 1,500 words of content for $10?

Multiple videos created for $5?

Who in their right mind posts these kind of requests?

I can say with certainty that none of these people will receive the kind of quality work they are looking for. I would also go so far as to assume that many will dispute delivered orders because of this.

Now, I literally only visit BR for a chuckle. On a serious note, though, I really think Buyer Requests should be scrapped in its entirety. Alternatively, Fiverr could mandate a $20 minimum on some requests. (Though I really doubt this would help.) As I see it, BR is very damaging to Fiverr’s overall brand identity.

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Sellers who are not able to stand out and buyers with ridiculous requests have to go somewhere.
It’s like the My Fiverr Gigs category here where the spam is dumped :stuck_out_tongue:

Although in all fairness, there are some exceptions. I’ve found some great clients there.
However, these are usually buyers who have not used it before and don’t know what to expect from it.

We can’t name competitors, but some platforms are providing really awesome experience through requests.


The problem is not on buyers requesting ____________ (fill in the blanks), but on sellers applying to ____________ requests (fill in the blanks).

If nobody answered these buyers and left their requests unheard, eventually they will give up asking for such _________ (fill in the blanks).

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Funniest thing is Sellers trying to sell on Buyers request section lol


I don’ think BR should be scrapped entirely. There needs to be improvement to the whole system that’s for sure.

I too have found quite a few good clients from there. So there is value. But - we too feel that system needs to improve a lot more.

Where good buyers are connected with good sellers.

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LoL! I also do come across many of these request.


It is actually against TOS but I don’t know how do they manage to survive on Fiverr :thinking:

I’m not sure about that.
What comes off as a ridiculous request to me might be completely reasonable for someone else.
I would never do a website for $5, but there are hundreds of sellers who would do it in a heartbeat. The quality won’t be the same, but hey, some buyers are OK with $5 quality websites.

Setting a minimum won’t help either because Fiverr can’t really evaluate what should be the minimum for each category.


I have very limited experience with the platform, but I did like the idea of community deciding what the value should be.

For example, you need a logo and you provide the specs.
Then sellers will make open bids with comments.
Once the request has X amount of offers, the platform will take the average (removing extremely high & low offers).
So no matter who is picked, the price will be the same. The buyer won’t get the cheapest price. It will be fixed, the buyer can just choose which seller they like the most.

I’m with you on this. Most of them hardly reply to the requests after you submit them. I’ve replied to series of buyers request in the past and none of them even replied.

I hardly check BR these days. Fiverr should just remove it entirely or rebrand it to something better.

I agree with you, at the end it’s all about supply and demand.

If this were to be so worrisome, solution would be educating “sellers” - if you know what I mean.

As for buyers not minding having $5 quality websites, well, that’s not completely exact. Maaaannnnnyyyyyy of them want the sun, the stars and the moon just for $5. They have been fed for a long time now. This is also true for any category.