Buyer Requests should be marked as Confirmed


There is a “Recent Buyer Requests” section which I think is very helpful for the new users (like me) that would help to get some entry level orders to start a new career on fiverr gaining positive feedback and ratings.

Some orders are heavily requested and some have low. But I think there should be an option that would mark it as “Confirmed” when that order has been confirmed to anyone so that the new sellers do not have to request that order hoping that s/he might get that order, losing the opportunity to request for that day and could step to another “Unconfirmed” request.

What is your opinion about this? Please let me know if I am wrong.

Thank You.


That’s good idea


Reply to @boslass: No , I haven’t forwarded it to CS. I just wanted to know how the other users think about it.


I like this idea. It would be better if they had a automatic conformation from the buyer that a seller was chosen to complete an request or something like that.


Reply to @tusharkhatiwada: At first I thought they could also just remove old/fulfilled gigs. But now I think I would like the list to remain (with the “fulfilled” status showing), so we could see the kinds of gigs that people usually request. That way, sellers can adjust their current gigs or make new ones. Sometimes I see requests that are closely related to my own gigs, but then they are taken down and I don’t remember the details. So I think your suggestion is a very good one.


send it as a suggestion to Customer Support .


Hey, that’s a good idea! Have you put it forward to CS? Or have you put it in the suggestion box on the forum? Nice thinking :smiley:


Reply to @cheezees: Absolutely. Loosing an opportunity by requesting an “Fulfilled” request is like wasting a chance to get an order.


I think a better word would be “Fulfilled”. So other sellers don’t send requests. Or the buyer should immediately delete the request, which usually does not happen. I see lots and lots of old requests and there is no way to force them to be removed.


I think this is a great idea and lets hope they will do something about this !