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Buyer requests show 2 requests available. Without any requests

Whenever I flip to the buyer requests page to see if I can apply for a few jobs. I see 2 results and the first few times I got really excited but after it loaded it showed only the words: “No requests found”. I just wanted to report this bug and I hope it can get fixed as soon as possible. Thanks for reading!


same in my buyer reques. It show 1/3.but no buyer request found .

It’s not a big deal or a scary bug to worry about! It often happens when you refresh the buyer request page.

If seeing a number with no requests annoys you, close the tab and reopen. It will disappear.

Unbelievable how some sellers find even the bits of technical issues as a problem then name it a bug!

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That was one of the first things I tried. It still didn’t work, I never labeled it as “Big and Scary” I just want the community or Fiverr staff to recognize that there is an existing problem with their site.

I think it’s happen with everyone on desktop, but i experienced that when i refresh it with F5, then it’s loading normally.

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