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Buyer requests show only game development

When I see buyer requests section I only see game development requests.I did chose to show me “all” including Logo design ,photoshop editing etc…but it still shows me only game development requests.


I think the problem is in the GIG you had created. The requests are shown according tothe category you select. Check that you had select Graphic Design as the category on the first page in gig creating.

I created different gigs including photoshop design ,logo design ,game development but it only shows requests about games.I don’t know whats wrong with fiverr and it only shows about 4 - 5 requests I don’t believe that only 4 -5 people request.

There must not be requests available for the other catagories

Put your gig link I will check it for you

Use another Browser. May be it will work. here it is my game development gig