Buyer requests simply unrealistic


I am sure that Fiverr can improve this section. Ask basic questions: category, level of work and time required. The system could suggest a fair price. Right now, there are ad upon ad upon ad with crazy criteria for single gigs translating to 4 bucks. Fiverr ain’t a sweatshop, is it? That category needs a shake up.


Some new sellers might accept those jobs if they need some reviews.


I’ve also noticed the buyers who request all these special requirements, hours and hours of work for $4 are usually the rudest, most demanding buyers who just aren’t worth wasting your time on. Too much stress. And they almost always demand revisions too.


When I start fiverr I used buyer request area.
And had to do lot of work just for $4 to get first 10-20 reviews.
After that I raised the price per project step by step.

buyers areas good for new sellers who willing to gain good reviews. But most of the time we have to get pain for earn gain. After that smooth conversations, smooth projects. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Absolutely my point. The general tone of those requests are rude and on one I noticed this person wanted 4 web pages designed in 1 day on non-negotiable single rate gig fee. I have had buyers where I credit them for their next gig because of their consistent and amazing support. But the “buyer request” section seems like people only go there when they realise nobody else on Fiverr will do what they want at that rate.