Buyer requests suddenly decreased


Hi all, I have recently started as a freelancer in Fiverr. Initially, there was like 400/500 buyer request in that section .But from past few days there is only 4/5 buyer requests. What can i do?


You should refresh the list, buyer request appear everytime


No .It stays the same


Fiverr seems to be weeding out the buyer requests lately. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are making a stronger effort to removed (or deny) all of the seller offers that were getting through. Less people misusing the BR section, likely results in fewer requests that you could respond to.

A point of advice, however: Don’t rely on BR to be your only source of sales. If you aren’t gaining the level of buyers that you want from BR, then maybe you should start getting out there into the world and marketing and promoting your gigs on your own. :wink:

Take responsibility for your own success, or sit back and watch your competitors speed by and gain all the success you yourself could have earned through hard work.


I see you are not a level one seller yet. When you are not a level one seller you only see a few Buyer Requests each day. Once you become a level one seller then you see 400/500 a day. I would say that you got a peek at what the level one sellers see and then Fiverr realized you were not a level one and took them away from you. :thinking:


Interesting. Come to think of it I believe you might be right. I haven’t seen requests from sellers anymore.

Initially? When you looked at the buyer requests section for the first time?
I highly doubt you received 400 requests a day. These were probably old requests.
I know it’s different for each category and it depends on your gigs, but 400 sounds a bit much for a day. You’re probably miscounting or something.


Yes, they are old requests. I do not look at them.

Nope, I saw many today! :imp:


Maybe they started with Wordpress category :smiley:
Or maybe it’s a wishful thinking. Anyway, I’ve seen fewer sellers this week

However, for some reason I’m seeing more $5 requests. I see 40-50 requests a day and during this week I’ve made 2 offers I think. Everything else is just $5 work or something that I’m not comfortable doing (bitcoin websites and such).


I had one day where I did not see any sellers posting for jobs on Buyer Requests. Only one and that was it!