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Buyer Requests that are Vague

I have noticed that in buyer requests they are some requests which are vague like;

“I need a web developer”
“I need an Excel Expert”
“I need Data Entry”

What kind of project are these?
I think just posted by people to waste other people offers.

Fiverr should ensure and take some serious actions in order to stop such malpractices.

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Nobody can make you waste your offers.

Just don’t send offers to those requests.

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For the “data entry” one you could say what sort of (and how much) data entry you would do for the amount in your offer. And maybe say you could give a different offer if required (if what you say in the offer doesn’t match what they require). At least that would allow the buyer to contact you to discuss what they require and maybe order your gig through the offer/your gig/packages or through another offer you later make.

Thanks for your kind reply