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Buyer requests *****[Title edited]


Ok, enough is enough, I’m not one to go around posting in the forums, so unlike many of the socialites here, you probably do not know me. However, I really need to ask: what the hell is up with sellers spamming buyer requests? Does nothing happen to them? Why aren’t they banned? I almost gave up checking buyer requests, as it seems that 50% is spam (not even counting the guy asking for translations and saying “As I see it, I pay you”, i.e. he will pay whatever he thinks the work is worth, which is incredibly offensive imo). How can this keep happening?



Ok, so apparently that’s not going anywhere. Nice.


The poll’s at the top of the page:


I know. I already voted. But I read the comments, the last one was stating that nobody is doing jack about this. I just don’t get how fiverr allows this and it’s the users that have to make a petition.


Duplicate topic. This post is closed for new entries. You can discuss the issue on the post linked above. Thank you.