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Buyer requests *****[Title edited]

Ok, enough is enough, I’m not one to go around posting in the forums, so unlike many of the socialites here, you probably do not know me. However, I really need to ask: what the hell is up with sellers spamming buyer requests? Does nothing happen to them? Why aren’t they banned? I almost gave up checking buyer requests, as it seems that 50% is spam (not even counting the guy asking for translations and saying “As I see it, I pay you”, i.e. he will pay whatever he thinks the work is worth, which is incredibly offensive imo). How can this keep happening?

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Ok, so apparently that’s not going anywhere. Nice.

The poll’s at the top of the page:

I know. I already voted. But I read the comments, the last one was stating that nobody is doing jack about this. I just don’t get how fiverr allows this and it’s the users that have to make a petition.

Duplicate topic. This post is closed for new entries. You can discuss the issue on the post linked above. Thank you.