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Buyer requests to cancel an order, then buyer leaves me negative feedback. What's up with that?


A buyer purchased a gig without reading the terms I had written. The buyer ordered several gigs then buyer asked me to do something I could not do. So, I wrote a nicely worded note explaining. The buyer requested a mutual cancel on all orders. I agreed. The next day, I discover that the guy has left me negative feedback for all gigs about me not delivering the order. Why is that even possible ?


A cancellation, especially a mutual one, should not allow the buyer to leave feedback. Did you contact Customer Support? I’m interested in knowing what they had to say about it. This is the first time I’ve heard of this.


very strange.From what i have read , if you cancel by mutual he cant leave review.


I contacted support but have not yet heard back.


if you both mutually cancelled the order,the buyer is in no right to leave you a negative feedback unless he did so out of shaer support and ask them to take it away