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Buyer Requests vanished now

The buyer requests tab has vanished at this time.

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same here ! I hope buyer requests will come soon

Buyer Requests vanish if there are no requests. It will show up there are. So click on the more button while it is showing up.

check all subcategories. :smiley:

It is not vanished it is still there…
Look the attachment…

First page of Fiverr has been changed. There is no “More” option visible on my screen.

Hello @webdevelopers90
In my profile some times come buyer request and its figure is just 2/3/5/10. But here I can see a lot of buyer request.

N.B: I am a new seller just one month passed and only one order completed.

Try to zoom out. It shows just fine on my screen.

First i will suggest you to create all seven gig at different category, and publish each gigs at social network, so you will get a lot of impression and click…
then you will see a lot of buyer request in your section…


Thanks for your valuable message.

Nice idea. I am also trying this trick