Buyer requests vanished


What happened to the buyer request, is it only me or happening to everyone

i have gigs from web, mobile field and 0 buyer requests are showing where as before i was receiving atleast 300+ each day.


As you will see answered many times now, here on the forum, sellers that are ranked as “New Sellers” will not see buyer requests. This is by design. When you are promoted to the rank of “Level 1” seller, you will see plenty of buyer requests that you can respond to.


So if some one is new seller there wont be any buyer requests, i doubt that because when i started i did had the buyer requests when i was new seller. can you provide me a link where it is mentioned


Yes. That is how the current seller levels system works. As a “New Seller” (which you are right now), you will see few to no buyer requests. There is no way to change this. When you are promoted to “Level 1” you will see plenty of buyer requests in your gig categories that you can respond to.

You are welcome to doubt this as much as you wish. Doubting the truth of how Fiverr works is not going to make it change in your favor.

The current system went into effect on January 15. If you were a “New Seller” for the first time before that date, things were different. Since January 15, and for the foreseeable future, this is how things work now. Work hard to be promoted back up to “Level 1” and you will see plenty of buyer requests again.

Good luck.


can you provide the link to justify your statement?

2 reasons why I can’t believe this is the truth is

1- buyers requests is and was the best way for a new seller to fetch orders and rank up beside getting orders on the gig.

2- I had buyer requests last day and my new seller rank changed on 15th and also just saw many people complaining about it since last night.