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Buyer requests vs Vacation Plans

I made an offer to a Buyer Request on Tuesday. The BR is still posted with 14 offers. I am leaving on a vacation Saturday. I am concerned that the buyer could choose me to fulfill the offer I made, however, I will not be available to do so. When I put my gigs on Vacation Mode will that let the buyer know to not book me for the gig? :worried:

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In my experience, custom offers can be accepted while you are on vacation (unless they have fixed this bug). I’ve started adding expiration dates on custom orders if I think I’ll be gone at some point.

I usually add expiry dates on most of my offers, but it´s unfortunately not possible with custom offers you send to Buyer Requests, the drop-down for the expiry date doesn´t appear then, at least it didn´t when I last sent one, and I haven´t heard of any updates there. :frowning:

@tracybarnhart When I made an offer, I thought I would be doing it that day, as it said 24 hours under duration. I guess I will take my computer on vacation with me just in case.