Buyer Requests? What am I missing?


So - you go and look through the Buyer Requests daily - like I do.
I am a voiceover guy, so I am looking for voiceover opportunities. I see at least one post a day - more often more - asking something like this…
“I need a voiceover service. Send your quote with sample voiceover. Note: any offer without sample voiceover will be not considered”

I have made 51 offers on Buyer Requests so far - and have gotten none… but that’s another story. My point is, how am I supposed to send someone a sample? Other posts sound similar to this, but also go as far as to say not to send a web site. There is no way on the site or the app to send a sample to a user who submits a Buyer Request. Is there??

Am I missing something?



Stupid question probably - why don’t you put a video on your gig with some samples of your voiceover work - you can have a video up to 75 seconds.

Also, you can put a portfolio up and send prospects a URL to view/listen to your samples - a YT video perhaps?


I have a video on my gig, and I would hope they would check it out.
What I am speaking of specifically is, folks who say “send me a sample” and often also mention NOT to send URLs. Here is an example of one I saw yesterday…
"If you apply to this requirements please send me a .MP3 less of 1MB PLEASE! NO LINKS NO EXTERNAL WEBSITES"
I was just checking to make sure I wasn’t missing something. I noticed how the mobile app and desktop site are slightly different when it comes to Buyer Requests. For instance, the mobile app displays the username of the user who has submitted the buyer request.



Hi kitbatyvo, have a look here-

Hope it may help :slight_smile:


You can’t send a file as an attachment in reply to a buyer request.

When I looked at your profile I don’t see a video on your best selling gig - apologies if there is one, I don’t see it.


Oh goodness, you are right. I just have sound clips. I tried to post one, but something prevented me from uploading the video. Crap, I forgot about that. I will try another video. Thank you for your assistance!



No problem! When you’ve got your video done, don’t forget to put it on YT as well! :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh, sounds great, you got solution :slight_smile:


< rant >
You know - right after I last commented on this thread, I got 3 or 4 buyers requests in a row - over the course of a week. The first two were awesome and will result in future work. The last two have been a disaster. Once led to a cancellation and the other may as well. On both I underbid in order to get the work - both ask for more - and then aren’t happy with “pitch” or “tone”. Am I to assume they did not bother to listen to a sample or two of my voice before placing an order? I think I am done with Buyers Requests… it just isn’t worth the hassle.
< / rant >