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Buyer Requests- What's wrong with them these days?

Hello people, I have been facing this weird issue over fiver for last few days. What’s wrong with the buyer requests? I used to see at least 100+ or something new requests, these days there are hardly 10-20 new requests in 24 Hours, is it just at my end? Or is is it just that business is down on fiverr these days?

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Like you, I used to see as many as a 100 or more offers to a request. Now I never see more than 30. I believe Fiverr is restricting offers to a maximum number per request.

Perhaps they’re doing that though the situation is a bit different today at least i have seen a bit more of offers today than last 2 days. Wonder if its on intent or something with the system.

last few days a request is constantly showing on my BR page, I removed it 2 or 3 times but it appears again. How can I clear my BR page from this massage.

please help

Yep, there seems to be a sync issue.

Same here. Also search engine is not working :confused:

ok thank you for answering.

Finally someone with the same problem as I. I’ve record on mobile and take screenshots at my Browser, all proof needed so they could send the information to the devs, but they keep ignoring me at tickets.
Many custommer support are just… no word for it… basically they dont know how to debug. lol
Maybe if they receive a lot of complaints, they’ll report it to the dev team.