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Buyer requests work done in inbox and now threatening me that he/she will report to Fiverr against me

I have connected with a buyer through a buyer request. The buyer requested a small 1-page double-sided brochure/catalog (2 panels design). Which was already created and the buyer needs to create a Print-ready Vector from JPEG for $5. But after the reply, the buyer sends me a Bi-fold catalog JPEG which is a 4 panels design and I asked the buyer to increase the rate to $10. Buyer agreed and started sending me materials(Texts and JEPG) in my inbox. I ask the buyer to attach those to my requirements. Buyer reply was-
“yes but I can’t accept now. I have to see how you work first”
My replay was-
"I will provide the sample brochure on Vector (Print-ready) with more organized and aligned and with your corrections. And i will show you the draft before finalize it… i understood the project very well.

so there is nothing to worry about…"

Buyer replied- “Perfect. I keep sending you the textures with the names to enter”
And it was almost 12/14 JPEG with its title.

I replied politely and tried to understand that I will not work before confirmation and I stop replying.
Now the buyer threatening me, “I’ll have to put a negative review and maybe report you to fiver.”

Really confusing! I do not understand what to do now !!??

Is the buyer really capable to report in this circumstance !?

And what is the best way to refuse a buyer/order, which I don’t want to work with !?

Can anyone suggest me !?


You should had sent in an “offer more extras” before you work on it… as for attaching in “requirements”, it’s not a must as long you got communicative records.

That being said, it seems like the problem is with the buyer… You should cancel the order, since he won’t be able to give you a bad review that way.


you shouldn’t work with someone that behaves like that , simply block / report and move on

what does this mean ? Did the buyer placed an order ?


@strategist_ceo The buyer didn’t place order… and don’t want to order.


@cre8iveartwork Thank you and i think so. and the buyer didn’t place an order and don’t want to !!

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@strategist_ceo And asked him several times for the offer. The buyer ignore it and want to work done first in inbox

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if he didn’t placed an order then you don’t have a reason to send anything


@cre8iveartwork the buyer wants sample work first… which he/she didn’t notice me first.
this was my reply-

*** "Please try to understand that

I understood your requirements and will work till your satisfaction.
I have to create from scratch which will take time but easy as your perception
I can confirm you that i can provide your needs

Apologies! I can’t create a sample without confirmation…


***“I am on a running project…
Sorry, I cant do that… pardon me”

My last reply was-
"yes! i can start after placing an Order :pray:


and I don’t wanna work with this type of buyer. Will you please tell me if I don’t want to do such type of job then what would be the best way to ignore !?



simply mark his message as spam and he won’t be able to write


If you just block the buyer, he won’t be able to message you or order from you.


@cre8iveartwork thanks for the information

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@krheate thank you. one more info, how to block !? Sorry! I didn’t found any block option

If you’re on a desktop, when you hover over the seller’s message, there should be a :no_entry_sign: and next to that, it says “spam”. When you click on that word, it’ll block the buyer!


@krheate so kind of you :slightly_smiling_face:

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I hope you didn’t do it first. Just deliver and get the bad review (if any).

@strategist_ceo I don’t want to work with this type of buyer. I already blocked that user.

He can’t give you a negative review without an order. There’s nothing to review.

Fiverr strongly recommends that sellers never start working until an order is placed.


@strategist_ceo apologies! I didn’t get your point well

Then he’s not a buyer, just a random dude that wants work for free. In order to become a buyer, that person needs to “buy” your offer, which he clearly didn’t. Block or report and move on.


Hi, Tanmay I understand you when people want you to give them a sample but sometimes to give samples I tell you from experience they take your ideas and there it is. I recommend you better have a small portfolio or upload ideas in your gigs sometimes even if one needs the money and it is better to say no because there are very bad buyers and one is helpless in that sense.

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