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Buyer Requests?


I discovered the buyer request part of this website earlier today. Upon clicking the “send offer” button for one of the requests, I was asked to pick a gig that matched the request. So, this is my question: If you do not have a gig already that matches the request…do you have to make one specifically for the request?


You can do up to 5 Buyer Request submissions per day. Usually depending on the keywords that you use to promote your gig and the type of gig that you offer is what you can submit to other users on fiverr that are looking for a gig. I wouldn’t say necessarily to make a new gig so that you can please the people looking for the specific type of gig, but whatever you think would work, I would recommend doing. Just be careful with it. :slight_smile:


Reply to @kaismith: Ok thank you. :slight_smile:


I never used this feature until yesterday. Responded to 2 requests. 1 contacted me right away, bought the gig and left me a great review today.