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Buyer requests #

I live in Asia, typically I see less than 100 buyer requests listed. How about you guys?


it is not about where you live… It is about how diverse your services are… Make more GiGs in more catagories to see more BRs

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I just don’t now about that, thank you for the useful information @zubairfb. I will give it a shot, just curious to how many requests do you see on average??

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in 4 figures usually 3000+…

Woa, that’s a lot,

It’s also depending on the type of service offered (gigs).
I’ve tried to add 3 gigs under office-vba category but no significant increase of BR#.
I add a gig under graphic category, it boost the BR# until 8 times
When I pause the graphic gig, it brings the BR# back to the ground.
It seems, not so many buyers need office-VBA service at the moment.

Hi there. Do you mind asking the best way to see buyers’ request? I have some 3 or 4 gigs listed but I am not seeing any buyers’ request to assess whether or not I can send proposals to such. Thank you for your time.