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Hey guys, just a quick query about the Buyer Request page. I’m not able to see any new requests that people have posted. There are 2 recent requests that appear at the top of the list, from 7th April and the 9th April, but the number of requests on the counter say there have been 100’s of new requests since I started looking at the page. Am I doing something blatantly wrong here to not be able to see any new gig requests that appear?

Also, my girlfriend who is also on Fiverr has done the exact same as me, but she is able to see all the new requests. Confused :confused:

Just a suggestion: clear your cache & delete cookies, log out of Fiverr then sign back in.

Thanks for your advice. I have tried it and it hasn’t worked. I have tried logging in on my girlfriends laptop but it made no difference.

I thought it might have been because my seller rating isn’t too high, but she also doesn’t have many ratings and she can see all the newest ones :confused:

The number you see increasing is the number of total requests covering all categories/subcategories. You will only see requests related to the category/subcategory of your particular Gigs which may be unusual.

That’s great, it all makes sense now. Thank you very much for your help kind Sir :slight_smile: