Buyer requests


The help is kind of thin on this. If I respond to a buyer request, then what? The request for example says to edit a script but doesn’t say how long it is. Is it just assumed they will pick the right quantity or how does it work after you click “send offer”?


ok, so the feature is basically there to help buyers find gigs without searching through them and reading descriptions?


Yes, that’s basically it. Of course it’s still up to the buyer to read the descriptions on the offered gigs before ordering.

I’ve gotten a few responses from buyers through gig requests. They all messaged me first, in response to my offers, asking for additional information. A couple of them turned into orders, and a few people ended up passing after deciding that my gigs or my prices didn’t match what they’re looking for.


awesome. thank you both for the info and your time. :slight_smile: