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Is it work “Buyer Requests” option ? Many of time I use this option but I can’t found any result . Have any one use this and find any result ? And another some of time it seen that my offer is not come for right buyer offer though it offer option come my gig for submit offer. Any suggest for solution ?


You can send only 10 offers in a day. After that , Your mobile app wont open it!


Yes, You can send only 10 offers in a one day…


I think that buyer request is useless. I have already sent about 300 request and i only got 8 projects. what do you think guys. Kindly tell me and give me some suggestions also. :slight_smile:


Reply to @mshaoib:

I don’t think they’re useless at all. You have to compete for business, how is it a bad thing that you have to compete for Fiverr buyers as well? :slight_smile:


I continue use this option but I am alas! about it. However I think many of friends use this but they are same of me. I think it will be better when buyer and seller is online stats show in side of buyer request option so that buyer and seller can easily go to the desire conversation for there job :)]