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Hi respected,

You people doing well. I am new here on fiverr and every time when I open my buyer request section to see what requests are there I got many sellers in the shape of buyers offering there skills etc. May be they think that buyer will select them from this section, anyone who has any type of gig he/she can see buyer requests and buyer never creates any gig, will he can see “sellers” offers in buyer section? no because he has no gig created to receive any buyer request.
dears its hesitating others please do not post in buyer request section.

I am writting not to hurt anyone giving a advice if I am wrong please correct me.


I 100% agree with you.

we all agree with you but some people have kera they always want to worries people.

i am 1000000000% agree with your statment… even it hard to get first order now it was not bad going before but don’t know what happening with fiverr now


yes getting first order is difficult, posting like a buyer in buyer requests section is not a good thing

thanks sir