Buyer Requests


Hey Folks !
i am not getting New buyer requests and secondly my Buyer Requests are so limited ,
My buyer requests are Not Increasing Since 2 days .
can anyone please help me Out ??


Same happened to me yesterday, yesterday night everything was fine and now they are not increasing again!


you should check your gig categories and always use proper categories. follow to[ rated seller gigs


gigs was fine.
two days before buyer requests was almost 400+. and now it is decreasing now


I think same happened to me.


Yes, sometime also i couldnt see any buyer request.


Same here !


Same here, I think it is being due to site maintenance


I’ve been experiencing same thing, no buyers request


Hi, i’m jashim.i am not getting New buyer requests.what can i do?


Sharing my experience. What I’ve noticed is that every Friday to Sunday, Buyers do not post or buy most of the gigs. I don’t know why but people do not use internet on the Weekend. I’ve been experiencing this thing from the past 2 to 3 months. So don’t worry about it. It only depends on the buyers whether they want to post request or not. I hope this helps.


My BR tab showing 2000+ requests.


This is my guess. If they still don’t work by Tuesday (after USA holiday) it might be worth asking Customer Support. Until then, maintenance might still be ongoing.


My is showing 99+ requests. Hope all is well


:star: Buyer Request Complaints (Few Requests, Etc.) .