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Buyer required but not clear please help


Buyer say
yes, i understand what you are saying - people paying me is automated … what I want automated is the next step - my account paying the fulfillment center and sending client product


You didn’t tell us what your gig is. What do you offer?
If you do singing puppets, then yes, that would be quite a weird gig requirement from that buyer.


Buyer 1st message to me…
I have 2 sites I’m revamping

There will be physical and digital products.

Right now set up with woo commerce. May decide to set up shopify. Want to automate order to payment to fulfillment. Can you do that? What is the cost. Needs to be done by Friday.


Sorry, I misunderstood. I thought you were a seller who had a buyer who is unclear.
I don’t offer those services.
Best thing for you to do is submit a gig request. Main menu->Buying->Post a request


Priouse one buyer message me


I see that you are a seller in web development. It sounds like you cannot understand either the buyer’s words or how to do the task. If you do not understand, tell the buyer you cannot complete the order. You may want to sell something less complex or take some good communication courses. Good luck!


Buyer wants a payment gateway which I can easily intregate with his site. He take order from his site and pay personally to fullfiment and they shipment the product to the client. But now he wants this automated. His launched new site with wp and woocommerce. So told him when I intregate the payment gateway payment will be send to host PayPal I’d. If give me any helpful information that will be helpful for but please don’t discouraged anyone when we face problem we can learn. Thank you


Well, you sound a lot more knowledgeable and clear in this comment which helps! I can’t help you with anything to complete your client’s request.

The forum is really for general Fiverr discussion and technical tips, sales tips, that sort of thing. Figuring out an order is between you and a buyer. Others may have specific suggestions though it’s your risk to utilize the forum for that. :slight_smile: