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Buyer requst format

can someone please me about buyer request proposal
about format how i write my proposal …

I do not understand What do you need?

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he is asking about Buyer Requests, what should be the description when sending buyer request.

Hello @umairsaleem518
Yes this is very tricky for newbie. You have to write a good proposal to get reply from your buyer. In that case you have to follow some rule that I actually do. If anybody know better way please write down.

  1. First and foremost You need to read very carefully that you can do that work properly then if you think you can, Just go on. First couple of line you need to write about the project very shortly and nicely that you understand and you are capable to do it. Basically you need to convene your buyer that you are able to do this project.
  2. After that you need to write a little bit about you who you are and what actually you can do. All you have to do very formally and shortly.
  3. Keep that in mind don’t write too much because it’s really annoying to read a lot of text, there are many people sending the buyer request at the same time. So buyer doesn’t have much time to read all of these. If He/She look long text may be they can skip your proposal.
  4. Just follow this. I hope you will get reply as soon as possible. Don’t worry if you don’t get reply from buyer. Some time buyer don’t read your proposal if he/she read your proposal then he/she might be contact you.

Thanks I tried what I actually do.
Best of luck. :boxing_glove:


Thanks for your kind information, It’s awesome :slight_smile:

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Your most welcome @sunny_wp :slight_smile:

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Do this by searching for “buyer request format how to write”
More tips are available

Really , its very helpful post for sending buyer request.Thank you so much.

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Thanks for tips, It’s very Good sujestion.