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Buyer respond me first then he is not responding

4 days ago i received a order regarding “wordpress website desing” the buyer told me that build the website on local server and later on i will give you login details of website so then you upload the website to web online server. i created the site told him about send him screenshot and he did not like the design of website. then i change the design and send him another screen shot after this he is not replaying me. he come online on fiverr during this but he did not reply me the delivery time also exceeds . what should i do now?

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Hello talhait! send him a message by explaining time matter…If he still doesn’t reply, you should contact customer support.Open a complain in fiverr zendesk.These days they take more than a day to reply.just open a complain and contact fiverr on facebook.Explain them the situation and send them the order ID and complain ID.They will assist you

Complain about what?

Fiverr is not there to hold our hand and explain how to use fiverr system.

@talhaiti if you did your order then you should be delivering it with a deliver button. If your buyer is not responding and you set up your workflow in a way that you can’t deliver it then you should accept the time delay for this order and change the way you work.

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Why do you offer 100% Money back guarantee in your Gig?

Are you aware that there are also bad guys who could possibly use it?

Not saying this is the case, just general recommendation to consider removing that.

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