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Buyer Responding Issues


Quite upset on buyer responding. Messaged me I replied within 60 Seconds. Then what happened.
Passed hour after hours. Still no reply. Its happening many times. Maybe I should improve replying texts.
I need some idea on how to attract the buyer by reading my message and he must should reply.
Thank You


May be the person on the other side is too busy, this happens to me almost all the time, they reply late. This is ok by the way.

Don’t worry


Don’t worry man!!! :heart: keep it up and go ahead…


Maybe because you reply so quickly, your response is not as thorough as it might be.

Are you sending a canned response? Buyers want you to address what their concern is. I have a buyer friend who says most sellers take 4 to 5 hours to get back to her. Maybe taking your time and putting more thought into your reply is what is needed.


Thank you for your guideline.
Maybe I reply quickly and my response is not as thorough as it might be. I should be more careful about it
I’m not sending canned response. I actually write about what buyer wants. But taking more time and putting more thought into my reply is what I need to do. Once again thank you


Some people does this as they are busy on other things! There is nothing like “Attracting Buyers by your messages” if a person is busy or hooked with other sellers he will reply only when he gets time.


:blush: :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush:


maybe your are right. Thank you


Thank You :blush: :blush: